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   My dear students! Are you ready for the new school season? I hope you had a good rest from your studies, because we have a lot of interesting things to do. This academic year, we will be assisted in our training by our new animated series based on African mythology. It already starts to take shape. In new episode, our protagonist Bakaridjan Kone is performing his first small feat - helping an old man in a difficult life situation. As you can see we have two new wonderful characters - the old man himself, and his charming wildebeest cow. These two characters will appear in our cartoons more than once and will help us in our training. Moreover, the year of the Ox/cow is approaching, and our glamorous wildebeest cow has every chance to become a symbol of the year.

I think you recognized the dancing girls that Olga Nuzhnykh made for us. And at the end, the courageous king of this African kingdom appears, and his wise advisor and personal magician - Marikei. They will be the main characters in the next episode of our cartoon. I will show you in every detail how to work with these cute characters. Join our courses on Udemy and we will study animation and make cartoons together!

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