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   With the beginning of the New Year, we are starting a new charity animation project in which we will make cartoons together with you and raise funds to help children in Africa. I already made the beginning of the cartoon:

Yellow Dog 2019

    From the moment where Piglet begins to talk about the brilliant plan of Winnie the Pooh to turn Africa into a prosperous continent, we can use a simpler motion graphics. This is the fragment I will use when creating lectures. I will do video tutorials based on this fragment, by them you will study our animation technique, and from time to time I will give small tasks on animation of one or another part of the text. For the fulfillment of these challenges, the winners will receive encouraging money prizes.
   And so: the most important thing in animation is to be able to relay an idea to the viewer by the means of graphics and movement. To do this, we will use simplified stylized images referred to in the professional environment as “motion graphics”. Let's take some practice in this art. For a little practice we’ll use the simple idea that Piglet expresses at the very beginning of his speech: in order for African youth can make cartoons and earn a worthily living of it, there was a lack of one key element - the computers themselves. (The entire text pronounced by Piglet can be found here ...)
We need to create a video sequence that would express the idea that there are not enough computers in Africa. You can draw these pictures yourself, or you can search for something suitable on the Internet. For this lesson, I chose the second approach - I just went online and search web using keywords “Children” and “Computer”. And pretty soon I found this picture. africanmanpc 244x228
Perfect! This is exactly what we need! We have a child, there is a computer, and if we remove the computer, we’ll have a child who doesn’t have enough of computer.
Head seemed too big to me. In addition, we are talking about African children, so I decide to draw a new head. I cut off the old head in Photoshop, and using the ellipse tool, made this kind of head, to which I added the curly hair I found on the Internet. Add in ears and a small nose, a mouth, and we’ll got such a nice African boy.
Cut the monitor on a separate layer so that you can make it invisible.
Also cut the hand on a separate layer so that the boy could work with the keyboard. Move head, move hand, change face, and we end up with such cartoon: African child with a computer and without a computer, which is exactly what we needed to express our thoughts.

African Boy PC