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Lesson 1 ThumbNail

Lesson 1 Files /// Lesson 2 FilesLesson 2 ThumbNail

  In these two archives you will find footage that I have prepared for our first lessons on animation in Adobe After Effects.

   Using these files, we will create hilarious cartoon about the amazing adventures of our favorite characters on the seabed and in the magical forest. You can find here trees, mushrooms and even flying saucer!

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Speaking mouth    Speaking Mouth

 The speaking mouth – it’s a legendary video file that is essential to you, if you want your cartoon men to talk. With this video file, you can make to talk any character. It can be speaking man or talking fish, talking horse or talking moose - absolutely no matter who – it may be even speaking brick. Just download our file, put it on the face of your model and your character will speak, and you will only have to take care of how to silence him.

   Clik on the picture to download file. And click on this link to learn whow to make you cartoon charactor to speak.

     Alternative download link (Google Drive)

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Muzykalnye instrumenty   Musical Instruments

   In this archive you will find a collection of musical instruments that you require to create a rock musicians for our musical project on Skillshare. In addition you will find there hands for musicians to play these wonderful instruments: guitars, drums and electrical pianos.

   To see works of other students and to know all the details of the project you can in our legendary animated video lessons on Skillshare wich you can see clicking on this link ... 

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Winnie     Winnie-The-Pooh (Russian edition)

   Severe Russian edition of Winnie-The-Pooh! It’s not a sweet saccharine Disney version, it’s a real hard-core Teddy-Bear! In this archive you’ll find ready for animation model of legendary Russian Winnie-The-Pooh with moving hends and legs, blinking eyes. There is even exclusive Winnies speaking mouth to make your model to talk. So you can make your own fanny cartoons about adventures of loved by everyone bear.

   How easy and simple to do such cartoons you will learn from our fun animated lessons on Skillshare. Click on this link to go to our lessons ...

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    Piglet Piglet (Russian edition)

   If you are going to do a cartoon about the adventures of Winnie the Pooh, then naturally you can not do without his faithful friend Piglet. So here's an absolutely wonderful model of Piglet that can move hands, feet and even ears. In this archive you will also find the speaking mouth, made especially for this cute little pig.

   You can also see our lesson on Skillshare where we talk in detail about how you can make your own cartoon about the adventures of Winnie the Pooh and his friends, using the most simple tools. Click on this link to go to the lesson ...

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   Adventure of Winniie The Pooh footages Adventure of Winnie-The-Pooh footages

   In this archive I have collected footages, which may require you to create a cartoon about the adventures of Winnie the Pooh. You will find there forest backgrounds: trees, shrubs, mushrooms. Some of the animals: two hares and a moose. And even speaking mouth with two front teeth which you can use for hares and moose.

  We offer you to make a little cartoon about how Winnie the Pooh and the Piglet decided to walk through the forest, met there two hares and merrymoose and what came of it. And in the next lesson we will see cartoons you made, and show you cartoon we made ourselves using the same footages. See you in our lessons on Skillshare...