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   Well, friends, have you already thought about how we will save the Earth?
On the day declared by the United Nations as International Mother Earth Day, General-Animation is launching our new competition. We will call this challenge "Toons For Future" so that it is immediately clear that in this epoch-making battle, our favorite cartoon characters will fight for the bright future of the Earth and all its inhabitants. Winnie the Pooh and Pig, Peppa, South Park and Futurama, all our beloved old cartoon guards will rush into battle to save our common home - the little blue planet we call Earth. Together with you, we will lead this glorious cartoon army into battle. We will study animation and make cartoons about how we can save our planet and make it even more beautiful.
Animation is not done quickly, so we will give you enough time to prepare your work - our competition will run for a whole year! As the work arrives, we will award incentive prizes from our sponsors to the most interesting projects, so we advise you not to delay - the early bird eats the worm.
Subscribe to our channel, to our Facebook group, visit our website to follow the news. Watch our fun video tutorials on how to make cartoons. Study animation with us, send us your work and we will save this world together!
All the necessary links can be found in the description of the video on YouTube.

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