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   Let's get acquainted!

   Hello my dear friends! If you first time visit our site, let me congratulate you, because not so often in our hectic life happen events that really could change our life. But today is The Event - Your first visit to the site You ask me – why this event is so special? The fact is that is not just a website - it's a big complex project with his own philosophy and, dare I say it, even something like a religion.

   Try to answer one simple question: what is the Internet for you? Unfortunately, statistics show that the majority of users go online just to somehow kill time: to see kittens and puppies, light erotica or outright porn, listen to music, watch a movie, play a fairly meaningless games, at best look for some information. All this is quite nice and innocent occupation, but the problem is that at this very moment, somewhere in the Middle East, women and children are dying under the ruins of their homes, turned into rubble by raids of military aviation. In Africa and Southeast Asia, people die every day from hunger and sheer genocide. And a lot of other outrages things happening in the world. And we admire the kittens playing with funny toys and love at the same time to speculate about brotherly love ... Well, what do you think - we really deserve the title of intelligent beings?

   No, my friends - on our website you will not find cute frolicking animals. For us, the Internet is primarily a tool in the battle for better future of mankind. And the main weapon in this struggle is knowledge. Know the truth - and the truth shall make you free. Constant accumulation of knowledge and usage them to make our world the better place to live - is the main meaning of our life as rational beings. And our site designed to help you in this sublime purpose. For training we use the video lessons with elements of animation that makes easy the learning of the most difficult disciplines: computer graphics and design, animation, video editing and special effects, web design, learning foreign languages, programming, robotics, space research - there is no limit to our ambitions!


   All our training series are built in such a way that you can, quickly have learned the basics of the subject, go to solving some practical tasks: make your own cartoon or a website, a channel on YouTube with original content, exciting game for mobile devices, and many more. We invite you, friends, together on a journey in search of new knowledge that can make our lives interesting and meaningful. And you can begin this journey with the first of our series of video lessons dedicated to the creation of the animation in the program Adobe After Effects. In these lessons, funny cartoon characters will acquaint you with the program Adobe After Effects starting with the basics, and tell how using this program you can create your own cartoons. These lessons have been made several years ago for After Effects 7 and during that time managed to become a true classic of the genre by giving a ticket to the lives of several generations of animators.


   But thanks to the fact that Adobe in their products preserves the continuity of the interface and basic components, these lessons have not lost their relevance. All basic concepts contained therein are true for later After Effects, and all shown method of animation you can replicate using even the most modern version of the Adobe After Effects.





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