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Our Free Udemy Courses

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    Let me to present to you our our free courses on Udemy. These are our latest and most advanced lessons, in which we used all the experience gained in the creation of previous classes. At the moment we have published two courses: “Basic Animation in Adobe After Effects” and “Animation in After Effects – Project oriented course”.

   In the first course you will learn the most basic principles of animation in Adobe After Effects. The second course is a practical course dedicated to the creation of cartoons. It consists of several projects with different characters. Now it has characters in South Park style, as well as Winnie the Pooh and his friends. But next there will be other projects with other heroes. You can even offer your projects, and we will be happy to help you with their implementation.

   For our second course I set a symbolic price $30. But if you cannot pay such a sum and you still want to make cartoons with us - write to me, and we will discuss how you can join our project for free.

   Welcome to our free courses on Udemy!

   Link to Firsr Course

   Link to Second Course

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Video Lessons of Eric Cartman

    Dear friends! If you are looking for a simple and effective way to create your own cartoons - then this class is exactly what you need! We are glad to present to you a unique training course on Adobe After Effects from the studio General-Animation. The course is designed for those who want to learn the basic principles of the program Adobe After Effects and learn how to make in it funny cartoons.

   The course consists of short video lessons in which funny cartoon characters in easy and comprehensible form will tell you about the interface of the program, introduce the project panel and timeline, show how import footages and export finished video. You’ll complete training exercises and in the end will be able to create your own cartoon. This method of learning is so effective that, as shows practice, using it even the children of 10-12 years old can learn how to make cartoons.

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 Musical Project Video Lessons

Musical Project Skilshare

   I am pleased to present to you our musical class on SkillShare. In this class we will create animated music videos Using Adobe After Effects. I will show you in all details step-by-step the process of creating of funny cartoon man for animation. We will teach this man to move his arms and legs, blink, speak, and give him stylish clothes. In between I'll show you how you can use this character so that he tells about your website, your class on Skillshare or your channel on YouTube. And in the end we will give him some cool musical instrument and teach him to play this instrument. 

 Creating these lessons, I was counting that you already have some familiarity with the basic principles of working in After Effects. But even if you do not have the slightest idea of how to work in After Effects - this is not such a big problem. In this case, you can simply learn our first class with Eric Cartman - Basic Animation in Adobe After Effects, and will get all the necessary knowledge for further work.

*         *         *         *        *

 Video Lessons 2017 - Dedicated the Year of the Rooster


   In the begining of 2017 year I started a new series of video lessons, in which will be even more funny cartoons, more music and dances. We are going to study animation in After Effects, and at the same time create our own cartoon show! You all will be participants of our show – created by you training animated clips we’ll include in our final cartoon ballet. And as we start our project in the year a rooster, I decided to name it a Chicken Lake, with some claim on classic.

   And so, we offer you the first lesson from our new series of video lessons on animation in Adobe After Effects: Chicken Lake Ballet - First Act. In this lesson we will take a look at the program interface and teach a chicken to perform the simplest movements.

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Video Lessons on Web Design


  We are making not just a video lessons. Each our lesson is a single episode of our General-Animation Show. Something like this - It is our First lesson on Web Design: Installing WAMP and Joomla

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