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   I'm happy to tell you that our funny video lessons on animation dedicated to the Year of the Rooster have turned into a whole new interesting animation project - we'll call it Chicken Adventure Time. In this project we will use all our footage with chickens to make an interesting cartoon about the adventures of the chicken family. In this cartoon there will be many funny little animals, a lot of interesting stories on the most pressing topics of our time, and of course there will be Trump and Putin and many other glamorous characters. 

   All this and much more you will find in our free Udemy Course "Basic Animation in Adobe After Effects".


   We continue to develop the theme “Five little chickens jumping on a bed”. I will try to demonstrate how you can use this lovely children's song to cover the most burning problems of our time. I hope that with your help we will be able to raise the art of political satire to new heights. And so, on our scene appear Mr. Putin and his “polite green men”. And in the next episode we will meet Mr. Trump. and will be able to create cartoons about serious international collisions. 


   In this episode on the scene appears the magnificent Mr. Trump on a brave warhorse in a knightly garment.


+1 #1 Mar 2018-02-15 09:46
:lol: A good cartoon. Good story.

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