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Winnie   Severe Russian edition of Winnie-The-Pooh! It’s not a sweet saccharine Disney version, it’s a real hard-core Teddy-Bear! In this archive you’ll find ready for animation model of legendary Russian Winnie-The-Pooh with moving hends and legs, blinking eyes. There is even exclusive Winnies speaking mouth to make your model to talk. So you can make your own fanny cartoons about adventures of loved by everyone bear.

   Click this link to go to the download folder on Google drive...

   How easy and simple to make such cartoons you will learn from our animated lessons on Udemy. Click on this link to go to our lessons ...

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Cows      New Year is coming - the Year of the Ox! And in order to have fun meeting it, we certainly need to make a lot of merry Christmas and New Year cartoons.  And for this you need interesting footage. We have prepared for you two animated cows with ready-made aep projects. Click this link to go to the download folder. 

    And as a background, we suggest to use these wonderful free pictures from the web site Craftpix. Click this link to download pictures. 

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Dancing Girls 200

   Olga, a member of the General-Animation studio, made for our new cartoon "Bakaridjan Kone" these hot African girls to dance for Bakaridjan, to wish him luck on his long journey. I tweaked the models a bit and we got such pretty dancers. Olga even allowed us to use these models for educational purposes. I think this is a great idea! After all, dancing is the best way to practice a variety of movements. And so, download the models of dancers, animate them so that they make some kind of interesting dance movement, and send us. You don’t even have to make a big dance, just make one beat of the dance movement, and we will loop it to make a dance. The most successful dance steps we will insert in our cartoon. Visit our site where you will find many interesting animation lessons, subscribe to our YouTube channel to follow the news, study animation with us and we will make cartoons together!

  Click this link to download the models of Dancng Girls for animation

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 Euclid Model150x250 B  In the art workshops of the General-Animation studio, in full progress is work on preparing for the First International Festival of Educational Animation.

   Especially for the festival we have created this cute, white-haired old man in ancient Greek robes. We will call this character Euclid in honor of the greatest enlightener of all time, Euclid of Alexandria, from whose textbooks many generations of scientists have studied the fundamentals of mathematics. Again, as in the good old days, Euclid in our cartoons will teach children the basics of mathematics and geometry. This is not a very complex model, consisting of only a dozen parts, but nevertheless our Euclid can talk, waving his arms, can walk and even run. You can download this character use it in your animation. On our website you will also find detailed instructions on how to make animation with such characters and even be able to make your own cartoon for the festival.
   What? You have not heard about the festival? Then let me tell you about it.

   Dowload Euklid model.