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     After numerous dangerous adventures, Bakarijan Kone finally arrives in the capital of a glorious kingdom, where he will have to pass the most epic test in the history of African mythology! The first scene of our new grandiose crowd sourcing project is finally ready! This will be an animated series based on African mythology, in which the past and present, myths and reality intertwined in the most bizarre way. The working title of the project is Bakarijan Kone. This is the hero of the African epic - brave, good-natured, maybe a little rustic, but still very nice guy. In first scene he wakes up on a wonderful spring morning in a small African village on his birthday, and suddenly it turns out that it was on this very day that fate had destined him to go on a long journey, in search of adventure, wealth and glory! The main purpose of General-Animation studio has always been the search, inspiration and support of beginning talented animators.

    So now we will continue to make cartoon using outsourcing. We will publish the script of the fragment, find the person to animate this fragment, discuss the price, and then the person makes the animation of this fragment and receives money for his work. Thanks to our sponsors, we managed to raise some budget in order to financially support and encourage our animators. Of course, this is not a big money, but this is a unique opportunity for everyone who wants to try himself as an animator. You can also take part in our project if you know how to make animation or you have a desire to learn. Visit our site, watch our fascinating video tutorials on animation, learn animation with us and we will make cartoons together!

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