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   It's time to use our animation power to save little green planet Earth. This is what we are talking about in our new cartoon. Join us in our fight to protect the future of humanity! Animation will save the World! 

      This is the first video in our new popular science series dedicated to solving the most pressing problems of humanity. In this show, we will tell all kind of interesting stories, while trying to find in them a deep philosophical meaning. And we will make this show together with you. You can offer your themes for our meetings, your characters, and of course, make animation with us. Our wonderful animated video tutorials on animation in Adobe After Effects will help you with this.

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   I the first release of our program we will talk about environmental issues in general and global warming in particular. We believe that it is the destruction of the habitat that is at this stage the greatest threat to the existence of mankind; therefore it is precisely on the struggle for the protecting our planet from pollution that maximum efforts must be directed. Let this cartoon be our modest contribution to this heroic struggle. Indeed, before solving a problem, it is necessary, first of all, to identify this problem and draw public attention to it. And animation is perfect for these purposes.

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   It has already become a glorious tradition for the General-Animation community every year on Christmas and New Year Eve to make funny congratulation cartoons dedicated to these wonderful holidays. This year, too, we are not going to deviate from this custom, and have made animated Christmas cards. 

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   We invite you to take part in this wonderful competition. We will show you how easy it is to make your first New Year cartoon. In the "Downloads" section of our site you will find beautiful New Year's footage which you will need to create New Year cartoons.

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    As I promised, our new animation tutorials in Adobe After Effects will focus on automatic animation. It's the 21st century! Enough to animate every single minute movement of the model! It is much more convenient to teach model the basic movements, and then it will act independently. I will add new lectures to our course as they are created. Follow the news!

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   The video lesson should be like an exciting adventure - it is with this thought that I create my new lectures for Udemy. Therefore, there will be even more interesting cartoon characters, even more action and storytelling. And yes - it will be like elite wine - they will only get better over the years! The introductory lecture of our new series of video tutorials on automatic animation in AE is already here. This series will be part of one of our courses. I haven't decided which course yet. Please write to me what questions you would like to consider in new lectures. See you at Udemy

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   Let me also present to you our second course on Udemy: Animation in After Effects - Project oriented course. This year, Udemy introduced restrictions on free courses - now their duration cannot exceed one hour. In addition, students of free courses will no longer be able to ask questions to instructors and receive answers. Thus, full-fledged communication is now possible only on paid courses. Therefore, we recommend that you sign up for our second course: Animation in After Effects - Project oriented course, for which we have charged a small price.

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    All information about our video tutorials can be found in the "Video Lessons" section of our website. In addition, on our YouTube channel you can find our most basic video tutorials which let you to get started with After Effects. May be for someone this method of study will be more convenient. Link to playlist on YouTube:
All the necessary software and models for animation can be found in the “Downloads” section of our website. Register on our website to leave comments and ask questions.