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   Made a little animated video to tell my students about the festival.

   My dear friends! I just can't wait to inform you about an amazing event in the world of animation - it is the first international festival of educational animation! And it is very symbolic that the festival will be held in Rome - the city that served as the cradle for all European civilization. And not simply in Rome, but in MAXXI - the National Museum of 21st Century Arts. This is what I call the meeting of the past and the future. The festival will take place on May 15th. Money prizes of 1,000 to 4,500 euros are already waiting for applicants! More information about the festival you can find on the official website of the event And of course, we will also take part in the work of the festival - what could be a festival of educational animation without a General-Animation studio. Our wonderful animated video lessons allow anyone quickly learn how to make cartoons. Come to our website where we will tell you how to make a charming cartoon character, so that he would teach the kids. Follow our news and see you at the festival!

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