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   We continue to work on our lessons, and in the new season we will take a closer look at an interesting feature, for which I especially love Adobe After Effects - this is the ability to create automatic animation using AE Expressions. We will tell you how to create automatic speech, walk and run loops and then use them in your animation by simply turning these loops on and off using expressions. Also, in the new academic year, you will find many new models for animation and many new interesting animation projects, with the help of which you can hone your skills.

   Sign up for our training courses on Udemy, study animation with us and we will make cartoons together! Link to our free Udemy Course “Basic Animation in Adobe After Effects”

   Let me also present to you our second course on Udemy: Animation in After Effects - Project oriented course. This year, Udemy introduced restrictions on free courses - now their duration cannot exceed one hour. In addition, students of free courses will no longer be able to ask questions to instructors and receive answers. Thus, full-fledged communication is now possible only on paid courses. Therefore, we recommend that you sign up for our second course: Animation in After Effects - Project oriented course, for which we have charged a small price.

   Link to the course:

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    All information about our video tutorials can be found in the "Video Lessons" section of our website. In addition, on our YouTube channel you can find our most basic video tutorials which let you to get started with After Effects. May be for someone this method of study will be more convenient. Link to playlist on YouTube:
All the necessary software and models for animation can be found in the “Downloads” section of our website. Register on our website to leave comments and ask questions.

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