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 Euclid Model150x250 B  In the art workshops of the General-Animation studio, in full progress is work on preparing for the First International Festival of Educational Animation.

   Especially for the festival we have created this cute, white-haired old man in ancient Greek robes. We will call this character Euclid in honor of the greatest enlightener of all time, Euclid of Alexandria, from whose textbooks many generations of scientists have studied the fundamentals of mathematics. Again, as in the good old days, Euclid in our cartoons will teach children the basics of mathematics and geometry. This is not a very complex model, consisting of only a dozen parts, but nevertheless our Euclid can talk, waving his arms, can walk and even run. You can download this character use it in your animation. On our website you will also find detailed instructions on how to make animation with such characters and even be able to make your own cartoon for the festival.
   What? You have not heard about the festival? Then let me tell you about it.

   Dowload Euklid model.

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