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   First our project, which I would like to introduce to you, is The New Amazing Adventures of Winnie the Pooh and his friends. You can ask me - what relation cans the dear, kind, slightly stupid Winnie the Pooh have to online learning and modern technology? The fact is that this is a severe Russian Winnie the Pooh. And Disney's and Soviet Winnie the Pooh are two completely different things. In addition, in the third series of the film, we carried out full brain transplantation to our bear, replaced his brain with star dust, so now our Winnie the Pooh is fluent in integral calculus and is engaged in complex scientific developments. And in free from scientific research time together with his friends teaches children animation.

   Here is the beginning of our cartoon about the new adventures of Winnie the Pooh and his friends. I called it “Winny-The-Pooh: Inception”. Once Winnie the Pooh and Piglet decided to take a walk to Africa. Let's see what happened ... Hurry friends - you have a unique chance to take part in creation of new stories about the adventures of your favorite heroes! Join our classes, and send us your ideas on the continuation of the plot.


 By the way, we are in dire need of actors to voice our characters: all the characters speaking with a heavy Russian accent, you will agree it is a bit strange. Therefore, if you have the desire to voice one of the characters, write to us. We will be glad to see you in our team.

   Here is the link to our class on Skillshare

   And here is the link to our free course on Udemy

   Winny The Pooh: Inception - Part II

  Meanwhile, the amazing adventures of Winnie the Pooh and Piglet continues! Here is video with the continuation of our cartoon. It's just amazing, my friends - the ordinary walk through the fairy tale forest turns into a dangerous clash with tanks, helicopters and formidable military robots!

Let me remind you that you too can take part in the creation of our cartoon. Send us your suggestions for the script, your characters and even whole ready scenes for our cartoon. All this we will teach you in our classes. Models of characters for animation and all the necessary software you can find in "Downloads" section of our site.

    And now let's talk about how you can make such a cartoon yourself. Here is our lesson on this topic.

   Let us make cartoons together! Animation will save the world!


   Well, I think we got enough lessons for now. Let us return to our cartoon. What was in the mysterious box that Winnie the Pooh and Piglet found in the forest? And to what incredible events led this amazing find? You will learn all this in the next series of our cartoon:

      Winnie the Pooh-II: Dead Bees


   But who is this mysterious doctor Tesla? And will he be able to help our dear Winnie the Pooh, who finds himself in such a difficult life situation? And why does Dr. Tesla use a chainsaw in his lab? See the next series of our cartoon, in which you will meet a completely new Winnie the Pooh. And so....

    Winnie the Pooh-III: Reloaded


   As you can see, Winnie got a new brain, and with it he got a new life. And what for does Winnie use his new wonderful star brain? Believe me - he does not spend it on all sorts of nonsense, but uses only for very serious matters. You can see it for yourself:

    Simple Animation - Your own Animation Studio


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