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   I think you all noticed a nice little hamster that appeared recently in our cartoons. This cheerful character was created thanks to the efforts of the participant of our project Marina Kon. Today I place this hamster in “Downloads” section of our site so that you too can create cartoons with this character. After downloading the archive, you will find in it a PSD file with a hamster cut into parts, as well as several AE projects in which the hamster is already assembled into the model and used in animation. Notice the project “Hamster Animette.aep” In this project a model with pre-programmed animation is assembled. Open the composition "00 hamster Animette". The very first layer of this composition is called “Homa Control” and it has a “GO” slider. With this slider, a walking animation is turned ON an OFF. When GO is 0 the hamster is standing still. Set the GO value to 1 and the hamster will run happily along the track. Also included in the project is animation of speech.

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