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   Dear friends! We are launching a unique New Year project! Portal invites you to participate in the creation of a funny cartoon about adventures of the symbol of 2018 - Yellow Dog. With our wonderful animated video lessons, we will teach you to use modern programs for processing graphics and video and create funny cartoons. You can take part in writing the script of our movie, create cartoon characters and voice them, and of course make actual animation.
   Since the coming 2018 will be the year of the dog, in our cartoon there will be many different dogs and various other funny animals. And we already have our first art work! Marina Cohn proposes to move from simple to complex, and made for the beginning the simplest model of dog Denny from the cartoon about Peppa Pig. As you can see, she even slightly refined this character - made more interesting hands, feet and tail.

Danny Dog 2

   So my friends - the beginning is laid: we have the first model for animation. All the models and other footage we use to create our cartoons can be found in “The Downloads” section of our portal You can use it to create funny New Year cartoons and animated greeting cards. You can also create your own dogs. Send your work to us for the contest and do not forget that the most active participants will receive little incentive prizes.
   Happy New Year! Looking forward to your works! Here I made a little animation to show you our dog in action.


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