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     Hello dear students - old and new. Yes! In recent weeks, the number of participants in our Udemy course “Basic Animation in Adobe After Effects” has increased by literally thousands of new students! I don’t even know what caused this - coronavirus pandemic quarantine or launch of our new animation project. Most likely both of these factors played a role. As you know, my dear friends, we are not just learning animation - at the same time we are making cartoons. Now we are working on a cartoon about the adventures of the hero of the African epic - Bakaridjan Kone. This will be the subject of our next training assignment. We have already made dancing animals - chickens, monkeys, hamsters and even cows, and now it's time to animate the dancing girls. This will be the scene for our cartoon - our hero Bakaridjan Kone sets off in search of adventure, and hot African girls dance for him to wish him good luck on this dangerous path.
     Especially for this assignment, I created a new section in our Udemy Course “Basic Animation in Adobe After Effects”: Section 3 – Dancing Girls Practical Assignment. Check out this section, read the instructions, download downloadable resources with our charming dancers and let's dance! Here are the hot dancing girls models of which we will find in the downloads of our course, along with detailed instructions on how to make them dance. Actually all our course is such an instruction.

Dancing Girls 560

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We have lessons on web design :-) [quote name="RichardJUNNYAH"] I'm looking into starting my own blog and was curious what all is needed to get setup?

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