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  In this new series of video tutorials I want to try “gaming technique” training – to transform study into an exciting game. It is simply amazing how many dedicated and talented people gathered at Skillshare - I propose to use these talents to create our own Skillshare Animation Studio. Let us all together make cartoons about what we're doing on Skillshare and how wonderful it is - to live each day learning something new.


   Animation studio is good because everyone here can find application to his talent. If you are author and write stories, you can write scripts and dialogues for our cartoons. Artists can create characters for animation and scenery. Actors - to engage in voicing of characters, musicians - create musical accompaniment. And of course we’ll need animators, to breathe life into our characters.

   To animate, in my opinion, may everybody. To teach everyone this absolutely necessary skill, we have created a series of exciting and easy to understand lessons on animation in the Adobe After Effects program, which will allow you to quickly and easily master the basic skills necessary to make animation, and begin to animate. We invite everybody to participate in the work of our animation studio - here everyone will find something occupation to his taste. Write to us at community section and offer your ideas, sign up for our classes, create your projects and let's make cartoons!

   All our video tutorials you will find in the "Video Lessons" section of the main menu.

  Recently I discovered - a site dedicated to online training. On this site gathered thousands of passionate people for whom daily acquiring of new knowledge and skills is a vital necessity. They watch video tutorials, do themselves their own video tutorials and every day learn something new. But this is exactly our passion too! Our motto is - Not a day without new knowledge! So I decided to create my own class on SkillShare. Especially since we already have excellent tutorials on creating animation in Adobe After Effects with Eric Cartman as a guest star. So I created my own class and even got some students. Here is the link to my class on SkillShare. And now I started a new series of video lessons with new characters and a more advanced level. So anyone interested - join. We’ll make video lessons and cartoons together and may even earn some money. Here is the first lessons of my new series on creating animation in Adobe After Effects.