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   Armed with the necessary knowledge and experience, we have begun to solve the main task of humanity at this moment - to eliminate the extreme imbalance in the standard of living in advanced and less developed countries. To achieve this goal, we created the General Animation Charity project. Realizing this project, we hope on a mutually beneficial basis to attract the intellectual resource of the underdeveloped countries to solve the most pressing problems of mankind. In the postindustrial era, creativity and intelligence are gradually becoming the most valuable resources that can be quite easily utilized to raise living standards in poor countries. To use this resource, we are looking for the most talented young people in the poorly developed regions of the planet and involve them in the sphere of modern electronic technologies. And we start with graphics and animation - as the most accessible and universal means of human communication. In the future, we plan to expand the scope of our activities to web design, the gaming industry and the creation of computer code in general. And I think that it is our students who, in the near future, will drive Earth spacecrafts to the farthest corners of the solar system and even further to the stars.

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