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   Currently, we are most actively cooperating with the YPDO project oriented to work with young people in Chililabombwe Zambia. We have a good relationship with the founder of this organization - Mr. Kebby T. Shampongo. We fully share his dream of introducing African youth to modern computer technology, and now we are working together to make this dream a reality.

   But in order to master computer technologies, African kids first of all need the computers themselves. In order to provide Africa with the necessary computer equipment, I and Mr. Kebby T. Shampongo developed a brilliant scheme in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. It is known that in developed countries dozens, even hundreds of millions of computers are sent to the dump each year. Not due to the fact that they are out of order and are no longer suitable for anything, but simply because they are morally obsolete. These computers can still be used to teach African children the basics of computer literacy, but delivering them to Africa would be more expensive than the cost of computers themselves. It is necessary to reduce the cost of delivery as much as possible so that this operation becomes economically viable. Therefore, we take from the computer only the most necessary components - a motherboard with a processor and memory, a power supply and a hard disk drive. We send all this to Africa - the shipment of such a kit is quite inexpensive. And in Zambia, using these components, we assemble a ready-made computer. As a computer case can be used an ordinary cardboard box. Keyboard, mouse and monitor can be purchased on the spot - thanks to China for providing the whole world with inexpensive computer peripherals. And so we get quite a decent computer for pretty reasonable money.

   This scheme allows everyone who is not indifferent to the fate of African children to take part in providing Africa with computer equipment. You take your old computer, remove from it a motherboard with a processor and memory, a power supply unit and a hard disk, and send it to Africa. On our website, in “Charity” section, you will find a list of organizations interested in such supplies with their contacts, as well as detailed instructions on how best to ship such a parcel. Tell us about your shipment, and together we will follow the fate of your computer, and see how it will help the children of Africa build a better future.
   This way, in the very near future, we are going to flood Africa with computer kits, of which African youth will craft their first computers. Chililabombwe is destined to become a major computer hub, the African Silicon Valley, the engine of development for the entire continent.

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