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   My dear students! Are you ready for the new school season? I hope you had a good rest from your studies, because we have a lot of interesting things to do. This academic year, we will be assisted in our training by our new animated series based on African mythology. It already starts to take shape. In new episode, our protagonist Bakaridjan Kone is performing his first small feat - helping an old man in a difficult life situation. As you can see we have two new wonderful characters - the old man himself, and his charming wildebeest cow. These two characters will appear in our cartoons more than once and will help us in our training. Moreover, the year of the Ox/cow is approaching, and our glamorous wildebeest cow has every chance to become a symbol of the year.

I think you recognized the dancing girls that Olga Nuzhnykh made for us. And at the end, the courageous king of this African kingdom appears, and his wise advisor and personal magician - Marikei. They will be the main characters in the next episode of our cartoon. I will show you in every detail how to work with these cute characters. Join our courses on Udemy and we will study animation and make cartoons together!

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     Hello dear students - old and new. Yes! In recent weeks, the number of participants in our Udemy course “Basic Animation in Adobe After Effects” has increased by literally thousands of new students! I don’t even know what caused this - coronavirus pandemic quarantine or launch of our new animation project. Most likely both of these factors played a role. As you know, my dear friends, we are not just learning animation - at the same time we are making cartoons. Now we are working on a cartoon about the adventures of the hero of the African epic - Bakaridjan Kone. This will be the subject of our next training assignment. We have already made dancing animals - chickens, monkeys, hamsters and even cows, and now it's time to animate the dancing girls. This will be the scene for our cartoon - our hero Bakaridjan Kone sets off in search of adventure, and hot African girls dance for him to wish him good luck on this dangerous path.
     Especially for this assignment, I created a new section in our Udemy Course “Basic Animation in Adobe After Effects”: Section 3 – Dancing Girls Practical Assignment. Check out this section, read the instructions, download downloadable resources with our charming dancers and let's dance! Here are the hot dancing girls models of which we will find in the downloads of our course, along with detailed instructions on how to make them dance. Actually all our course is such an instruction.

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  Link to our free Udemy Course “Basic Animation in Adobe After Effects”


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   The best way to study animation is practice! With General-Animation studio you have a unique opportunity to combine training with practical activities!

   The first scene of our new grandiose crowd sourcing project is finally ready! This will be an animated series based on African mythology, in which the past and present, myths and reality intertwined in the most bizarre way. The working title of the project is Bakarijan Kone. This is the hero of the African epic - brave, good-natured, maybe a little rustic, but still very nice guy. In first scene he wakes up on a wonderful spring morning in a small African village on his birthday, and suddenly it turns out that it was on this very day that fate had destined him to go on a long journey, in search of adventure, wealth and glory! The main purpose of General-Animation studio has always been the search, inspiration and support of beginning talented animators. 

   So now we will continue to make cartoon using outsourcing. We will publish the script of the fragment, find the person to animate this fragment, discuss the price, and then the person makes the animation of this fragment and receives money for his work. Thanks to our sponsors, we managed to raise some budget in order to financially support and encourage our animators. Of course, this is not a big money, but this is a unique opportunity for everyone who wants to try himself as an animator. You can also take part in our project if you know how to make animation or you have a desire to learn. Visit our site to follow the news, subscribe to our group on facebook, watch our fascinating video tutorials on animation, learn animation with us and we will make cartoons together!

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   Animation should serve noble purposes, which is why today we give start to our animation challenge. In this challenge we will study animation and make cartoons to draw public attention to the problem of poverty and inequality on the black continent and to direct the forces of the world community to eradication of illiteracy in Africa.

   We will call our competition “General-Animation African Challenge”, and we invite all animators - famous and not so very celebrated - to take part in it. Your task will be simple - you tell us about yourself and your work, introduce your character, and show a small cartoon with his participation. For our part, we promise active promotion of your work, and even try to provide little incentive prizes for the most active participants.


   And we already have the first participant of our animation challenge! Our new student from Egypt - Ali Abdullah Haidan sent us these funny monkeys dancing among the alpine meadows. This is his first animated work, so do not judge too harshly. This is just the case when it is not the reward that matters, but participation. Our main task at the current stage is to draw public attention to the problems of the black continent. Make people think about how we can help African youth. Great job, Ali! 

Gnome   One more video from Ali Abdullah Haidan on Alpine theme - this time it’s a cheerful gnome singing, as I understand it, alpine tunes. You can see even more videos from Ali on his YouTube channel.

  Even if you have never made cartoons before you can still take part in our challenge! Especially for you, I created a section in our free video tutorials on animation on Udemy, where I tell in detail how you can, using the simplest tools, create your first cartoon character and make him move, so he goes on a journey through the Alps. Links to our amimated video lessons on Udemy:

   Course N1: Basic Animation in Adobe After Effects

   Course N2: Animation in After Effects project oriented course

   Visit our site to follow the news, learn animation with us, and we will make cartoons together!

   And in the first issue of our challenge, we will introduce you to a wonderful charity organization Learning Lions, and begin the story of the new adventures of Winnie the Pooh…

African Challenge 01