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  We welcome you in the "Downloads" of our portal.

  Click here to download the archive General-Animation.rar containing the project files and all the necessary footage for Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Rabbit, Special Agents, and more. Download the archive and unpack it on your computer, it is best to right on the D: drive is necessary in order to keep the prescribed projects in the path. If you can not place a folder General-Animation on the disk D :, then you when you first open the project will have to specify the path to the files manually. How this is done, please read here...

 IMPORTANT !!! This archive is our main archive, and contains some footage that is used in our other projects. All of the following projects should be placed in the folder General-Animation, which is obtained after unpacking the archive General-Animation.rar, so they can use the footages that are there.

  Персонажи в архиве


   Look, it's Sparky - cute kid from South Park. To download it - click on the link.

  IMPORTANT !!! Download the archive Sparkie.rar, unpack it, and the resulting folder Sparkie should be placed in the folder General-Animation, you got downloading the previous archive, because the project Sparkie Animette uses some footage from General-Animation folder. The project with a ready assembled animette is directly inside the folder Sparkie.



   Lesson 1 files

  Click here to download   files for our first lesson.


   Lesson 2 files

  Click here to download   files for our second lesson.


   Distributive of Adobe After Effects 7.0

  Click here to download Distributive of Adobe After Effects 7.0

Detailed instructions for installing Adobe After Effects 7.0

 Speeking mouth!

Click here to download Speeking mouth


   Format Factory 2.0

  Click here to download The program for converting video files.